Clermont County Budget Policy

Mission Statement

Provide the services statutorily required of the Board of County Commissioners, and the funds necessary for the other elected officials of the County to provide their statutory duties, while ensuring the long-term protection of the financial stability of the county.

Board of County Commissioners’ Basic Budget Principles

  1. County funds do not belong to the Board of County Commissioners or other elected officials but instead belong to the taxpayers.
  2. County Commissioners’ actions should not only be open and transparent but actively communicated to the public.
  3. Provide the best service to taxpayers in the most economical fashion (biggest bang for the buck!).
  4. Manage the budget in the most prudent fashion to assure long-term economic health and prosperity of the citizens of the county and their government.
  5. Involve all County elected office holders in the budget process and strive to reach a consensus.

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