Other FAQ’s

Get a copy of my divorce decree

The case information is available on www.clermontclerk.org; go to case access, Domestic Relations division.  Or you can email a request to dlcribbett@clermontcountyohio.gov  or  call 513.732.7832.

Find my elected officials

The Board of Elections has a current list of federal, state, local, and school board elected officials. They can be found at www.clermontelections.org/pubofficials.aspx. You can also look up contact information on this map: http://maps.clermontcountyohio.gov/apps/Electionmap.

Obtain/renew Notary Public License

Notary licenses are processed by the Clermont County Law Library at 513.732.7109. The Law Library is located at the Common Pleas Court House, 270 Main St., Batavia; www.clermontlawlibrary.com.